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Legends are born in January

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November and December, and lets face it the few months before that, were a bit of a bust. We triathlon-ed at Hever castle (the venue for my complete swimming fail) and then basically did nothing. The moral of the story being if I don’t have an event planned in my future I literally will not do anything. Coupled with Worry Less Design’s biggest Christmas period so far (hurray and all that) and another big Trade event looming, it was a perfect storm to just sit like a pudding in my spare time and do nothing (except maybe eat crisps).

With that in mind we both signed up for R.E.D. January, a commitment introduced by MIND, the mental health charity, to Run Every Day in January. The theory behind it is that if you move, however slowly, every day, it will drastically improve your mental health. There are all sorts of studies and reports linking improved mental health with exercise. Christie has previously written about her personal experience of how exercise helps her as well in one of our early posts, read it here.

Legends are born in January

As R.E.D. approached I tried to make sure I had as few excuses as possible to not get out for a run. I’m not lucky enough to own a treadmill (or a dreadmill as its known apparently) so there was only outside. I’m lucky to live in a very rural area but that has the downside of no pavements and no street lights. So on the days when my husband was working and I had no childcare, the only choice was going to be braving the pitch black country roads in the early morning or late evening.

I set up a kit area. Base layers, top layers, long tights, short leggings, reflective vest, head torch (Christie also found some illuminated trainer laces – very cool), cap, 2 pairs of trainers (so one would always be dry), 2 sports bras, 3 pairs of socks and my trusty Ronhill wind jacket. (Getting all this out inspired our new All you Need is Love design for Runners, see below). It was a mighty pile of stuff and after about a week, it was very fragrant! I’ve never washed so much running stuff in my life and I still couldn’t keep up with it.

All you need....and a

And it was great, and do-able. You only had to do a minimum of 1 mile per day, and 10 – 15 minutes on busy days was totally achievable.  Running in the dark is not my favourite. Running in the dark in the pouring rain is also not my favourite. We ran on work days at lunchtimes, we ran in the evening after our Trade Event, we ran in the rain, the wind, the frozen rain etc etc

I’d like to finish this article by being able to write, yes Reader I did it, I ran every day, But sadly I didn’t, I contracted a chest infection about Day 15 and had to hang up my running hat. I started up again as soon as I could, possibly too early as I had to stop again but I finished off in style I think. At least a minute faster than my time at the beginning of the month. Christie made it, she did all 31 days, sometimes running up and down her road outside her house, sometimes on near-marriage-wrecking 10k’s with her husband! She reports that her legs are still quite tired 3 days after stopping.

It has definitely made my question the excuses I give myself for not going for a run, it’s very easy to fit one in – you can find a way - and it ALWAYS makes me feel amazing afterwards. I kind of wish there was a RED February to sign up for……

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