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Sprint Triathlon Training Plan 

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Found by one of the Trisistas (original origin tbd, as soon as I know, I will update), this is the training plan we are following in preparation for the Hever Castle Sprint Triathlon which is now in 5 weeks time. (bold and underline = growing fear)

With 5 weeks to go, we decided to start at Week 3 and the results after 1 week is that it’s been less of a plan, more of a advisory guideline….

I managed a Strength session on Monday (Bodypump), then a 1 hour Bike on Tues, a 45 Run/45 Bike on Weds and a 40 minute Swim on Thurs. Definitely resting today then Swim/Run tomorrow morning.  So when I say guideline, really we are ignoring it completely but using it as motivation (read fear) to actually get off our arses and do something every day.

It’s Friday though and I am absolutely shattered, maybe looking at the numbers above, I’ve started off too hard, or I need to build up some more stamina or that doing this around 2 small shouty children is extra hard? *written hopefully*

The best news I have to report is that on the Saturday preceeding the start of the “plan” we swam the lake of the freak-out and I’m pleased to report no repeat occurence. I’ve open watered (a verb no-one is using but really should) a couple of times since the freak-out with varying degrees of trepidation and success. The key thing I’ve realised is getting my face in the water early. There is something about swimming in not-bright-blue-swimming-pool water that mentally causes my brain to shut down and decide it just can’t breathe out under there. So the trick I’ve learnt is to just get my face in early and breathe big long blowy breaths out before even attempting some proper swimming. Annoyingly this was the advice we were given way back at our first open water swim. I guess I’m a slow learner.

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